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The deadline for comment to Wandsworth planners for the green development has passed. You can still enlist the support of your local councilers.....

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Developers have bought the former Bowling Club at the end of Ramsden Road and are planning to redevelop both the old club house and the green behind it..

There are currently two planning applications under consideration. The first deals with the development of the former bowling green behind the clubhouse. This includes a new block of 12 flats and nine houses, plus an indoor bowling alley and a cafe.

The second application, deals with the clubhouse building on Ramsden Road. The plan here is to add an extra floor and provide 11 flats, plus a large bar complex on the ground floor. There are no additional parking places for thiis scheme.

The alcohol licence for the bar at the club was recently renewed for drinking until 1 AM

These schemes are wrong for this location. They will add to the problems Ramsden Road is already experiencing and fail to put back any tangible benifit into the community.

See what the Balham society has to say - page 1 & page 2

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